We provide integrated and digital media expertise which simplifies channel complexity, refines targeting, and drives greater performance.

Has your marketing approach flatlined, are you finding it difficult to reach new customers, or do you just need to get more out of your existing marketing budget? With the media landscape changing so quickly it’s difficult to stay on top of all of the changes and as a result, marketing performance often suffers.

As one of the largest independently owned media agencies in Canada, we can help. Whether it’s a short term promotional campaign on social media or an integrated omni-channel plan with multiple messages and target markets, we have the right mix of media specialists to plan and execute your next campaign.

6 touchpoints
are required to generate the average sale.


Buying digital and offline media are very different and require unique skill sets. Our team is equally adept at buying both as we have specialized teams with deep experience in each area.

Our Digital Media Team are relentless optimizers, always testing and looking for insights which will drive performance improvement. They deal with a high degree of change – new ad formats, new platform features, new beta tests – so our clients can capitalize on emerging trends as early as possible.

Our Offline Media Team is deeply experienced in negotiation, consumer media habit research, and fostering strong media partner relationships. These relationships have been established over many years and are reinforced by treating our media vendors fairly, working with them closely, and considering them as true partners.

“Vovia's media experience, knowledge of consumer behaviour, and passion for the business has helped Co-op push the needle over the years. They are detail-oriented, transparent, and always looking for efficiencies to help our dollars stretch further.”
Melissa Edighoffer
Marketing Planning Manager
Calgary Co-op
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