Establish ecommerce as an effective sales channel for your business by developing efficient strategies, high performing marketing campaigns, and optimizing the path to purchase.

Are you stuck trying to figure out how to drive more revenue and profit from your retail website? Is there something wrong with your shopping feed causing your campaigns to serve unreliably? Do you find that the sales reported by your marketing channels don’t align with what you’re actually seeing on the back-end? Are you not sure what to tweak in order to compete with the ecommerce giants in your industry? These are just a few of the problems we solve every day.

Ecommerce is complicated. Luckily, we understand how to optimize your campaigns in order to improve conversion rates, achieve higher average order values, and drive repeat purchases.

of all retail is currently performed globally through ecommerce.


Our team has extensive ecommerce experience, having worked with clients of all sizes across a wide variety of industries including working with B2C retailers (regional, national, international), B2B retailers (both regional and national), B2B products/services (regional, national and international), and SAAS products (international). We drive ecommerce performance improvements by ensuring you’re able to track each step of the path to purchase, optimizing the funnel, and optimizing campaigns so that we reach the customer at the right place and time.

Our data and insights will also help you better understand your customers, improve conversion rates, determine product profitability, discover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and uncover important trends.

Our ecommerce team will help you turn your website interactions into transactions.

“Vovia has helped us grow our web revenue significantly over the last two years through increasing efficiencies on existing channels and exploring new ones.”
Suzanne Harden
Director of Marketing, Ecommerce, & Digital
Cabela's Canada
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