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    Susan Murphy


    Susan has worked client-side leading marketing strategies and customer loyalty programs for Safeway, Direct Energy and AIRMILES. She applied this empathy and experience when she moved to working with clients, driving sales growth, attracting new customers, entering new markets, and launching new brands. Her business passions are marketing strategy and analytics – and how the two areas drive performance. In her spare time, you can either find Susan getting her zen on in a hot yoga class or racing others down the ski hill.

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    Heather Ilsley

    SVP Strategy

    Heather brings over 20 years experience developing integrated strategies that lead to profitable marketing campaigns. She has held senior marketing roles at a number of B2B and B2C tech-focused companies and cares deeply about building strong client relationships, delivering an experience that prioritizes the customer, and driving innovation. Heather regularly speaks on a number of different topics, from digital strategy, to CX, and privacy. She is passionate about travel, loves Thailand for its food and diving, and has seen every season of Survivor.

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    Cameron Prockiw

    SVP Innovation

    Cameron has two and a half decades of experience in digital strategy, digital marketing, and web development. He has worked with organizations across a wide array of industries, gaining valuable perspective into all sectors of the economy. Since founding Vovia, Cam has focused on helping clients leverage search marketing, social media marketing, programmatic advertising, search engine optimization, and analytical insights. Not only can he fix marketing hiccups, he knows how to cure actual hiccups.

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    Tracy Gonzalez

    VP Client Service

    A seasoned marketing professional, Tracy has more than 20 years’ experience developing strategic communication plans that drive results. She has worked on both the client and agency sides of the industry with organizations like Nike, Coca-Cola, Unilever, P&G, Kraft, UBC, Kellogg’s, and OLG. Years of building brands, honing insights, and working with creative, marketing, and sales teams allow Tracy to easily integrate and collaborate with clients to achieve objectives. Between travel to rinks and diamonds for her 3 sports-fanatic kids, Tracy loves urban hikes with her dogs and skiing.

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    Stacey McIntyre

    VP Media & Planning

    Stacey has been buying media since Cheers was a top-rated TV show. She is an expert in strategic media planning, negotiation, budget management, and media financials. She has worked in a broad range of industries, including retail, tourism, financial services, and automotive. Stacey has managed annual media budgets of more than $45 million and has experience in all paid media channels with brands such as Coca-Cola, Scotiabank, VISA Canada, Chrysler Canada, and General Motors. Stacey’s creativity goes beyond just media plans as she also makes beautiful pottery in her spare time. She has spoiled the team with mugs, dog dishes, planters, and holiday ornaments over the years.

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    Jeremy Kitson

    VP Digital Media

    Jeremy has been working in web technologies and digital marketing for the past 15 years. He has extensive experience in the area of digital marketing, web development and SEO in the hospitality industry and has worked with major international hotel brands. His digital marketing, SEO, and web development projects have helped build business for clients in many industries, including financial services, insurance, home building, automotive, and retail. He is a cycling fanatic and loves gravel riding, mountain biking, and cyclocross racing.

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    Brooke Boser

    Director of Marketing Intelligence

    Brooke has almost two decades’ experience in marketing. She has worked in a wide variety of industries, including Education, Financial Service, Home Building, Technologies, Arts & Entertainments, Sports & Recreation, and Oil & Gas. She has run her own digital marketing consultancy and worked with Mount Royal University to develop curriculum for digital continuing education. Her analytics and coding expertise means that Vovia’s data and analytics practice adeptly links clients’ marketing data to business results. Brooke is a renowned sports nut and enjoys a conversation about pretty much any sport, but especially hockey and basketball. She also played softball for 17 years and attended the Oklahoma Panhandle State University on a softball scholarship.

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    Renu Deswal

    Director of Digital Media

    Renu has managed sophisticated digital campaigns across all major publishers including Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and Demand Side Platforms. Renu is responsible for strategy, planning, execution, optimization and reporting of paid campaigns. She has worked with clients from all economic sectors, including retail, medical, e-commerce, travel, finance, education, and real estate. Although she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy and an MBA (specialized in Marketing), her LinkedIn profile is thankfully free of “prescription” puns. Renu is certified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and Marin Software.

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    Deepa Mittimani


    With over 20 years of financial experience, Deepa oversees all aspects of our financial and accounting operations. With her experience in the technology sector, she ensures our payroll, invoicing, collections, financial reporting, operational reporting and forecasting are as automated as possible. As a qualified Chartered Professional Accountant, Deepa is also a stickler for accuracy and process, ensuring that nothing is missed in her team’s media reconciliations and other media audits. When she isn’t crunching numbers, Deepa taps into her creative side by painting or designing jewelry.