We were founded in 2007 on the premise that digital media required a different approach that traditional media agencies just weren’t adopting

Our philosophy has always relied on data to develop strategy and make decisions. By setting campaigns up properly, managing them continuously, and using advanced tools to optimize in real-time we’ve been able to drive superior results for our clients, often realizing performance gains of 30% or more.

We are now one of the largest independently owned media agencies in Canada, with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Winnipeg. We work with small and medium businesses across a variety of industries in Canada, US, and internationally. But what do you really need to know? Working with us will bring you greater efficacy and less anxiety. As one of our clients put it, “You get campaigns that work for both your VP Marketing, and your CFO”.

Our mission is to make your life easier, freeing you from worrying about your media investment, the changing media landscape, and making sense of the countless data sources you’re dealing with by identifying insights that drive marketing and business results.

Compare us with other agencies and no one else comes close

At this point, you might be asking yourself...yeah, I've heard this before, so what makes you different?

Proven Performance

We’ve successfully helped over 300 clients, increase their marketing performance by at least 30% compared to their prior agency.

Specialized & Innovative

Our team is composed of experts in each media channel. We don’t believe in generalists, which means you can expect innovation and access to new platforms and technologies before your competition. We’ve been using AI tools since 2013.

Superior Data Analytics

Data is the foundation of our campaigns, so we’re fanatical about it’s collection and accuracy. Our dedicated analytics team brings all of your data together and verifies it’s accurate, so that you can make smarter decisions in less time.