Get more leads, orders and sales out of your existing online presence while also magnifying the results of your marketing efforts.

Do you have high bounce rates, low time on site, and/or low conversion rates? Have customers dropping off for no apparent reason? Not sure why? Luckily we have the tools to uncover issues with website performance, barriers to purchase, and the ability to optimize the user experience.

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle – you need to convert those visitors into qualified leads or sales after they’ve arrived. Conversion optimization does just that, ensuring that you maximize your existing traffic by converting as many visitors as possible.

average ROI is created by CRO, making it one of the best ways to improve performance and drive revenue.


We’re here to help you optimize your user experience by diagnosing problems, removing barriers to purchase, applying best practices, and implementing a testing strategy where different elements of the user experience can be tested and optimized. In the short term, CRO increases conversion rates and ultimately the number of leads or sales your site is capturing. But in the long term, you’ll also gain a better understanding of what your customers are looking for at each stage of their path to purchase and can apply those insights to your wider marketing and sales approaches.

Through a combination of thoroughly reviewing your existing site, analyzing your customer data, and more closely tracking your customer touchpoints, we are able to propose the best strategies for optimizing conversions. For example, some of our suggestions might include testing:

  • Alternative messaging
  • Improved calls to action
  • Different page layouts and colour schemes
  • Streamlined ordering and check out processes
  • Adjusted price points
  • Landing pages optimized to the buying experience

Let our CRO team help you achieve more out of your online presence.

“Vovia thinks about the customer’s on page experience and has provided valuable suggestions that have lead to significant performance gains for our business.”
Jeff Lowe
Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
SMART Technologies
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