Case Studies

Great work doesn’t happen without great clients, so a big thank-you to all of our incredible clients who make us excited to come into work every day.

  • Alberta Ballet

    Alberta Ballet

    By enhancing their offline media campaign to include digital channels and setting up ecommerce tracking so that we could optimize their media to actual ticket sales, we were able to drive a large increase in ticket sales, 182% in total over just two years.
    Revenue Growth
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  • ATB Financial

    ATB Financial

    Vovia assisted with the launch of ATB Financial's Entrepreneur Centres, generating 1,727 total conversions (last click) and 698 assisted conversions. The Return on Ad Spend for this campaign was $15.02 in operational income returned for each dollar invested (all campaign costs, including production, photography, give-aways, media, and media buying services included).
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  • Bow Valley College

    Bow Valley College

    Registrations for certain courses were lagging, so mid-campaign BVC asked us to change direction and emphasize those courses. A quick retooling of their existing campaigns lead to 715 registration leads, an increase of 237% over the prior year.
    Increase in Leads
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  • Cabela’s


    Over the past five years, we've been able to drive significant increases in online sales for Cabela's each and every year. The end result is a 762% increase in total annual revenue from digital campaigns.
    PPC Revenue
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  • Calgary Co-op

    Calgary Co-op

    Our integrated media strategy and execution assisted in the successful launch of the new Cal & Gary's brand. Post-campaign market research found that the new Cal & Gary’s brand was able to achieve an extremely high rate of brand recall at 85%, which is similar to the top national brand competitors, even though those brands had been around for much, much longer.
    Brand Recall
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  • GMS Insurance

    GMS Insurance

    Our integrated media strategy, execution, and analytic modeling has helped drive annual revenue growth between 7% and 13%. The end result is a 35% increase in total annual revenue in just three years.
    Revenue Growth
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  • Swoop


    Helping get a new airline off the ground, we were able to leverage a number of technologies in order to drive media efficiency. This resulted in a 71% increase in campaign ROAS and 19% increase in online sales in just the first six months.
    Increase in ROAS
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  • Tourism Calgary

    Tourism Calgary

    Working with Tourism Calgary and their destination partners, we developed an integrated media plan for a partner buy-in program (56 partners). The result was a 53% increase in partner leads in just the first year.
    Increase in Partner Leads
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