Bow Valley College

Case Study Bow Valley College


BVC recently launched their School of Technology, which offers diplomas, certifications, and courses in technology and IT related disciplines. After filling the majority of these programs with applicants, a gap was observed for software development courses. Mid-campaign, we worked with BVC to rework the campaigns in order to focus on these courses.


After first developing a plan to market courses for BVC's School of Technology, we began executing and received strong results, filling up many of the courses. Once it was determined that registrations for the software development courses were lagging, we worked together with BVC's internal marketing team to quickly restructure messaging, targeting, and ads for relevancy on the fly. We also developed a custom landing page to remove distractions inherent in the full website experience, to keep the user focused on registration actions.

The campaigns leveraged a mix of Google Search, Paid Social (Facebook and Instagram), and Remarketing ads which were all optimized toward conversion performance.


Quick retooling of the campaign resulted in a total of 715 registration leads, which is a 237% increase over the prior year.

Increase in Leads