ATB Financial

Case Study ATB Financial


ATB Financial is a full-service financial institution committed to serving Alberta with a strong focus on entrepreneurs. ATB Financial was founded 79 years ago to serve Alberta's entrepreneurs at a time when other banks would not. With that in mind, ATB Financial developed Entrepreneur Centres focused on helping entrepreneurs take their business ideas to reality by providing free education sessions and use of the facilities to all entrepreneurs (not just customers). They also created an accelerator program, a crowdfunding platform, and a crowdlending platform, all in support of business growth. ATB Financial engaged Vovia to promote the launch of the Entrepreneur Centres and reinforce ATB Financial’s position as the premier bank for entrepreneurs.


Vovia developed a media strategy based on in-depth market and media research and focused on reaching Alberta entrepreneurs where and when they consume media. Our attribution modelling also uncovered that this audience visited the website multiple times before converting (signing up for an event or making an appointment), so we needed channels that would support the customer journey while also driving performance. As a result, the channel mix included Paid Social, DSP, Paid Search, Display and Video with the weighting based on how well each channel could support either conversions goals or awareness goals.

We layered a number of targeting options including geography, demographics, interests, affiliations, behaviour, remarketing, and device type. Creative and messaging were continually tested during the campaign and the Entrepreneur videos were rotated into the buy at intervals to minimize the chance for creative fatigue.

All media was bought on either a cost per click or cost per view basis to ensure media efficiency and higher viewability standards, while the buy was continuously optimized to actions on the website with a focus on conversions and completed video views.


The campaign goal of 600 conversions was exceeded by 188%, generating 1,727 total conversions (last click). The campaign also assisted with an additional 698 conversions. The Return on Ad Spend for this campaign was $15.02 in operational income returned for each dollar invested (all campaign costs, including production, photography, give-aways, media, and Vovia services included).