We’ll wrangle all of your many data sources, ensure the data is clean and high quality, and provide you with actionable insights that drive performance for your organization.

You need to calculate the ROI of last quarter’s marketing investment, but you’re dealing with 20 data sources that don’t talk to each other, not to mention 12 messages to 2 customer segments in 10 different geos. It can seem impossible. We get it.

We can help you make sense of your data, whether that’s in real-time dashboards, campaign performance reports, predictive modeling to forecast out next year’s sales, or an analysis of user behaviour. Our team of marketing intelligence specialists spend all day in the data so chances are if you’re grappling with something, we’ve seen it before and we have a solution.

Each year 30% of revenue is lost due to bad data and resulting poor decisions.


Our team of dedicated marketing intelligence specialists are experienced in data wrangling (aggregation, cleaning, and verification), data visualization, and data analysis. They use an advanced tool set to translate your data into actionable insights.

You never have to wonder what part of your budget is actually working again. Our experienced team will ensure that you:

  • Have confidence in your decisions with real-time access to data
  • Have clarity on where and when to invest your budget
  • Can demonstrate the value of marketing to your CFO

Let our dedicated analytics team can handle the complexity and bring clarity to your decision making.

“Vovia has an impressive handle on analytics that has allowed us to change the way we measure our campaigns.”
Matt Best
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Group Medical Services (GMS)
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