Getting all of your product data in the right format so that it can feed shopping sites and ads can be a complicated and time-consuming task.

A product feed is a digital file which contains a listing of all of the the products you want to list or advertise online. It needs to include all of your product’s key characteristics including product name (title), description, color, size, price, and much more. If you’re using an ecommerce platform like Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce to run your online store, it is usually fairly easy to extract this data from your store. However, getting the data out is only half the battle – they you need to provide it in the correct format for each use as different market places, ad networks, and price comparison sites have their own unique requirements. We can help you with this, massaging your feed as needed to ensure it’s not only in the correct format, but is also optimized for each platform.


Why work with us?

Vovia will guide you through development and optimization of your product feed, including:

  • Feed creation – We make use of feed management technology in order to create a high quality feed, either through and APIs or file export.
  • Feed optimization – We organize and optimize your feed so that it can be integrated with any channels you’d like, while also enhancing the quality of the data.
    Feed management – We’ll continually monitor and manage your feed, fixing problems as the arise so that your feed keeps delivering results.
“Vovia has helped us grow our web revenue significantly over the last two years through increasing efficiencies on existing channels and exploring new ones like Google Shopping.”
Suzanne Harden
Director of Marketing, Ecommerce & Digital
Cabela's Canada
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