The television landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented.

The addition of hundreds of new channels over the past decade, introduction of time shifted viewing (empowered by DVR’s), and now the increasing popularity of online streaming and video on demand services (such as Netflix) all present challenges to marketers.

As a result, it is increasing important to ensure that you’re advertising in the right places, in order to reach the right audience.

All of this change has also brought about a renaissance in television with many top writers, directors and actors returning to television, creating some of the best television programming ever, often rivalling the quality of top movies. It’s an exciting time for television, but also one where it has become more challenging to find your audience than ever before, so it’s important to work with a media buyer who has deep experience in television, understands audience shifts, and can develop a measurement framework to ensure that your advertising is generating a marketing return.

Benefits of Television Advertising

  • Generate Awareness and Interest – Television is the most effective channel for generating brand awareness, ensuring your brand stays top of mind, and creating interest in specific products and services.
  • Reach a Mass Audience – Television is still the top leisure activity with popular shows gathering very large audiences, providing a level of reach which other channels can’t.
  • Reach a Targeted Audience – With the increasing numbers of channels and programming available, television is also an effective channel for reaching niche audiences. Whether they like cooking, travelling, gardening, or pets, there is programming available which is specific to many target audiences.
  • Multi-Sensory – Television ads have been proven to be more memorable than other ads due to the combination of both visual and auditory stimulation. This also provides more creative options for showcasing your brand such as developing a personality for your brand or using emotions to make a deeper connection with your audience.


Why work with us?

With Vovia’s television ad planning and buying service, you can reach the right audience. We can manage your entire campaign for you, including:

  • Market research
  • Creative testing and insight
  • Media negotiation
  • Budget management
  • Campaign measurement and reporting
“Vovia's media experience, knowledge of consumer behaviour, and passion for the business has helped Co-op push the needle over the years. They are detail-oriented, transparent, and always looking for efficiencies to help our dollars stretch further.”
Melissa Edighoffer
Marketing Planning Manager
Calgary Co-op
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