Publications cover a wide range of topics including travel, finance, fashion, music, home decor/design, and technology.

There are also publications specific to certain locations, including province specific magazines (Alberta Venture, Avenue, etc.), daily newspapers, and weekly newspapers (specific to both urban and rural areas). It’s important to carefully select your ad placements in order to focus on the people who are most interested in your products and services.

Benefits of Print Advertising

  • Permanence – Unlike most ads which flash before the eye and then disappear, print ads stay on the page. As long as the publication remains in circulation, the ad also remains in action. A single ad in a single magazine may promote a product or service for weeks or even months, and consumers can even clip the ad to save or pass on to a friend. No other advertising channel provides the same potential longevity.
  • Credibility – Advertisements in quality publications can lend credibility to your brand and transfer some of the thoughts and feelings about that publication to your brand.
  • Reach a Targeted Audience – There are a wide variety of publications, from magazines to newspapers, each reaching a different niche audience and geographic area. Whether the audience you’d like to target lives in a city or small town, and likes cooking, travelling, or pets, there are publications available which are specific to many target audiences.


Why work with us?

Vovia’s print advertising services allow you to reach the right audience. We can manage your entire campaign for you, including:

  • Market research
  • Creative testing and insight
  • Media negotiation
  • Budget management
  • Campaign measurement and reporting
“Vovia's media experience, knowledge of consumer behaviour, and passion for the business has helped Co-op push the needle over the years. They are detail-oriented, transparent, and always looking for efficiencies to help our dollars stretch further.”
Melissa Edighoffer
Marketing Planning Manager
Calgary Co-op
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