We plan, build, and optimize profitable SEM campaigns

Search engines are the top place where shoppers research products and services before they purchase.  Reach more potential customers at exactly the right time using SEM ads.  Being present at the right moments will both increase your reach and also ensure that you’re providing the information your shoppers need at key points in their path to purchase, turning more shoppers into customers.

SEM ads drive results quickly as we’re able to capture existing demand for your products and services, tapping into a pre-existing pipeline of customers.  SEM Ads are also very efficient as they’re PPC (pay per click), so you only pay for interested customers who click on your ads.  SEM ads are also typically a key direct response channel, excellent for driving leads, sales, or other actions.

of searchers haven't made their mind up about a brand before starting their search.


Why work with us?

Search Engine Marketing is a technical medium with a myriad of different options.  Selection of keywords to target, bidding strategies, bid amounts, ad copy variations, tracking accuracy, ad network selection, and use of 3rd party tools can all dramatically alter the effectiveness of an SEM Ad campaign.  Our Digital Marketing Team has deep experience managing local, national, and international SEM campaigns, including campaigns of all sizes, across a wide range of industries (both B2C and B2B).

But the thing that really sets us apart is our dedication to optimization.  Our Digital Media Team are relentless optimizers, always testing and looking for insights which will drive performance improvement. They deal with a high degree of change – new ad formats, new platform features, new beta tests – so our clients can capitalize on emerging trends as early as possible. We have been a Google Premiere Partner for over 10 years, signifying we’re one of the top 3% of agencies in Canada.

“Vovia has helped us grow our web revenue significantly over the last two years through increasing efficiencies on existing channels and exploring new ones like Google Shopping.”
Suzanne Harden
Director of Marketing, Ecommerce & Digital
Cabela's Canada
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