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Travel Alberta


Travel Alberta is a provincial marketing organization promoting various tourism experiences across the province. Their focus is providing helpful information and packages for travel planning as well as connecting customers with their tourism partners.


We evaluated historical performance and identified a number of opportunities resulting in overhauling the entire SEM approach and the introduction of conversion tracking.

In the first year of our relationship, we performed in depth research into the target markets, search behavior, and key competitor campaigns, developing a strategy that complimented the search behavior patterns we saw. We also tested relentlessly, quickly determining what was working best and what was not, adjusting, and finding a number of performance gains which together drove substantial results in the first year.

This made the second year even more challenging as we always strive for greater performance. At this point we began to leverage the power of Marin Software to help to further increase our efficiency. It allowed us to expand upon what we found to have worked in the first year, while saving time in managing bids and providing more time to identify new opportunities. As a result, we were able to find a number of additional performance gains, which again significantly increased the performance of the campaign.


In the first year of our relationship, Vovia more than doubled conversions, with the same budget – gains made through in depth research, experimentation and relentless optimization, reducing Travel Alberta’s SEM cost/conversion by 50%.

In the second year, through further refinement and the introduction of Marin Software, cost/conversion was reduced by a further 39%.  Cumulatively, cost/conversion was reduced by 69.5% in two years.


First Year


Second Year Cost/Conversion