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BrokerLink is one of the largest insurance brokerages in Canada. After running successful Search Engine Optimization and Search Advertising campaigns with Vovia, they turned to us for strategies to drive even further efficiencies and performance. This is when we brought our Conversion Rate Optimization services to their attention. Our experts in this area focus on how to take the already targeted traffic we generate through SEO and Search Advertising and then further optimize that traffic on their site to drive even stronger conversion results.

Strategy & Solution:

We performed an analytic audit around the customers’ behavior and evaluated the existing purchase funnel on the website.  Based on this information we developed a strategy around what to test and in what sequence to optimize site conversion performance. We conducted comprehensive testing on the appeal, the call to action, and the overall content area. This strategy resulted in changes to the homepage design, which led to a significant increase in conversions.


Over the 3 months of testing our strategy drove a 370% increase in conversion performance. As you can see from the results below, we implemented three core areas of testing (Call to Action, Design, and Content Modifications) each driving incremental efficiencies over the prior. The first test focused on the call to action and produced a 257.7% conversion lift for BrokerLink. In the second test, we focused on appeals and drove an additional 90% lift. From there, several content tweaks were made each resulting in incremental conversion lifts of 10-20% each.


Test 1 – Call to Action


Test 2 - Appeals


Test 3 – Content