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Email: The Forgotten Stepchild of Digital Marketing

You’ve heard all the hype about mobile, social, and local but maybe you’re not selling something to a local market, or your product or service is complex and has a lengthy sales cycle. Heck, maybe you’re just not willing to commit the resources that a successful social media strategy requires. Guess what? That’s ok.

Vovia - Forgotten Step-Child of Marketing
By this point, you know that I’m talking about the Forgotten Stepchild of Digital Marketing – Email Marketing!  Didn’t see that one coming? That’s ok too. Email has kind of fallen by the wayside but it’s one of the most cost-effective, targeted, marketing vehicles available.

Think about it: What other form of marketing is truly permission-based?

Yes, people can “Like” your page or “Follow” you, but there’s no guarantee that they’ll see your message and you’re not able to offer them targeted, personal content on social media. But, consider the following and then tell me that you’re not interested in email as a relationship tool and nurturing tactic:

So what does this mean for marketers?

Well, to start, it’s time to move the Forgotten Stepchild into a bigger bedroom. They need an allowance and just a little bit of attention. I’m not saying that you should abandon your other children, but the benefits of including email in your “marketing family” are too great to ignore.

Finally, with a whole new generation of smartphone and tablet consumers driving anytime, anywhere email usage, email marketing can be part of your mobile strategy as well.

By now you should be compiling your lists and ready to get started. But, if you’re “too busy” or don’t know where to start, that’s ok too. We can help you get started. You can connect with us at or you can reach me directly at Have you had success with email marketing? Let us know in the comments!