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Supporting the Charitable Sector in 2022 with Giving Tuesday

It’s that time of year again! The holiday season is approaching which means we’re full-swing into the giving season. That means Giving Tuesday is upon us again. Last year in our blog we highlighted the efforts of our non-profit clients and the work they are doing. In time for Giving Tuesday this year we wanted to do an update to that post.

Like so many aspects of our lives, the pandemic impacted nonprofits significantly, especially those that operate at the community-level. The last two years have meant a decline in overall giving due to the pressures of the pandemic. This is a concern given the current challenges that Canadians face with inflation. Food prices are at an all time high, while living expenses are also high and concerns of a recession loom. These elements have put a strain on Canadians’ ability to give, but at the same time, the need has increased. Many organizations are facing increased demand due to challenges posed by the pandemic and its lasting impacts. 

The State of Giving in 2022

Need and demand has increased, and while overall giving has been strained, Canadians continue to give to organizations that they feel passionate about. 

Canada Helps 2022 Giving Report identified some key findings around the state of the charitable sector in our country. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Finding new audiences is key – CanadaHelps found that the giving gap is widening. This term describes the decline in the percentage of Canadians that are donating to charities, “the increased reliance on a smaller group of aging donors, and the funding shortfalls charities coast to coast will face when these donors can no longer give” (CanadaHelps Giving Report 2022, pg 4). This highlights the need for charities to find new ways to connect with potential donors, in an effort to start to close this gap. 
  • Age differences exist – There are significant differences in how generations think about and support charities. This helps shed light on why we see that growing giving gap. CanadaHelps found via their own research study that “while fewer Canadians make financial donations, many donate and express their generosity in more than one way, which can include volunteering, fundraising, attending protests or spreading the word about a charity or cause” (CanadaHelps Giving Report 2022, pg 5). The causes that generations care about are also different: younger generations tend to be more interest in climate change and racial justice, while older generations focus their donations on medical research and poverty (CanadaHelps Giving Report 2022, pg 5).
  • A new generation of donors means new possibilities – while younger Canadians may not have the means to give right now, the CanadaHelps report found that there is still high levels of trust in charities amongst this age group, but they also expect modern ways to give, like donating via securities (CanadaHelps Giving Report 2022, pg 5). This is a digitally-savvy generation that is interested in convenience and a lack of barriers to giving, so providing different options for donating may help capture support. Also, given the shift in interests among this age group, charities can find ways to align their messaging and programs with these causes if it makes sense. 

There are some concerning trends for the charitable sector, but it also presents opportunities to look at things differently and try new strategies and tactics.

Giving Tuesday 2022

If you’re looking for a charitable organization to give to this year on Giving Tuesday, we work with a few organizations in Calgary that provide very important services to our city and province. Consider one of these for your giving this year:

  • Calgary Health Foundation is matching donations up to $150,000 until the end of Giving Tuesday. This organization provides life-saving funding for Calgary hospitals and community health initiatives. 
  • The Alberta Cancer Foundation, the University of Calgary, and Alberta Health Services have partnered together in raising $250M to build the Calgary Cancer Centre, one of the largest comprehensive cancer centres in North America. The space will provide cancer care, research and education.
  • United Way Calgary invests in programs and services that support Calgarians, giving them access and the ability to meet their basic needs and move towards self-sufficiency.

Find a cause you’re passionate about this Giving Tuesday and give if you’re able to. If a monetary donation isn’t in the cards, look into how you can support an organization of your choice through volunteering or spreading the cause.

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