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7 Things To Know When Starting Social Media Marketing

sevenIf you’re just starting your social media efforts or are considering getting started, make sure that you first consider the following seven points.

1. Social media marketing (SMM) campaigns take time and dedication

Effective social media marketing takes time and dedication. It isn’t as simple as occasionally posting a quick tweet or Facebook status update. Social media requires constant attention, a quick response time and the ability to craft a tone and identity that is consistent. If you aren’t able to dedicate the time, find somebody who is or get a team of people to help you.

2. Are you conducting a social media marketing campaign by yourself?

Though social media work can be a lot of fun, working alone on a SMM campaign is a lot of work and can sometimes leave you feeling drained or uninspired. When the work is shared in a team the load is easier, feedback is instant, and new ideas can be bounced off of each other to help keep things fresh. Creating a strong team will help keep your campaign moving forward.

3. In house, third party or a mix of both?

An important decision before beginning a SMM campaign is whether you’ll use an in-house team or contract a third party. The advantages of doing everything in-house could be cheaper costs, quicker communication and a team that better understands the intricacies of your products and services. Reasons to use a third party include having not enough time, a lack of expertise and a need for creativity.

Don’t forget that choosing a mix of both in house and third parties could also be a solution. For example, you could hire a third party to plan the strategic elements of yourSMM campaign and leave the implementation to your in-house team (or vice versa).

4. Are you going to participate or listen?

If you’re not ready to start participating yet, you should at least be listening to what is being said about your company online. Staying in tune with the public’s perception is important and offers opportunities to manage your reputation. A conversation is always occurring on the internet – make sure you know what people are saying!

5. Social media should be a part of your integrated marketing campaign

Effective marketing campaigns are focused and have specific goals. It shouldn’t be any different when conducting social media marketing. SMM isn’t a separate add-on to your company’s current marketing campaigns – it should be integrated and consistent with your overall marketing strategy.

6. Social media is about managing relationships and communication

At it’s core, social media marketing is just relationship management with a new set of tools. You are reaching your customers and potential customers through the internet, but it’s essentially the same as talking with them in person or over the phone. In the end, it all comes down to communication.

7. Plan out your social media campaign before you start

Have a social media plan that considers all of the following:

  • What are my objectives, and how will I measure them?
  • Who’s on my social media team?
  • What’s my budget?
  • What tone will I use with my audience?
  • What applications and tools will I use to manage my campaigns?
  • How can I scale this campaign as it becomes successful?

By considering these eight points first, you’ll develop a strong strategy for your social media marketing campaign and will be more likely to succeed!