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About Vovia

Vovia is a results-focused media and marketing firm with offices in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. With a team rooted in business, we approach marketing with the mindset of aligning your business goals with sound strategy, execution, and measurement.

Omni-Channel Strategies

We believe that the digital landscape has changed the rules of effective marketing. As existing channels become more fragmented and new channels continue to be introduced, the need for an omni-channel strategy has become key to campaign success.  That’s why our focus is media agnostic with deep digital and analytical expertise.  Thorough tracking is the backbone of successful omni-channel campaigns.  We provide the insights needed to determine how all of your channels are working together, how customers are engaging with your media, as well as the direction needed in order to optimize them and achieve the best results.

Focused Expertise

At Vovia we’re big advocates of specialization as we feel this allows us to deliver superior performance. Each of our team members have a key area which they are responsible for and are allotted time each week for research, allowing them to stay on top of the latest trends so that we can quickly bring forward leading edge opportunities. Our team of specialists have deep experience in a range of traditional media, digital media, site optimization and analytical services.

The result is a dynamic team of experts that collaborate to give you a holistic solution that hits the finer details and leverages leading edge technologies, while still considering the big picture. Our focus and expertise has helped our customers succeed – increasing sales, reaching new markets, and maximizing the results of their ad spend.

Full Service

Vovia’s hands-on approach and customer first focus ensure that we offer a very high level of service to our clients. From consultation to implementation, our full-range of media services include everything from television to social media; radio to search; and out of home to programmatic. Whether you need a full marketing strategy or you just want to rank better in Google, we’ve got a solution.


We also value collaboration. Whether you develop your creative internally or have partners that support you in that space, we enjoy collaborating and appreciate the success that stems from having all the right experts at the table. Furthermore, we see this collaboration taking place throughout the entire span of a project as we run continuous testing and optimization relating to creative design, messaging, ad formats and media channels. Being a specialized firm, we appreciate our past success not only stems from our dedication but also the passion of our clients and creative agency partners.


As consumers and technologies evolve, so too does marketing. At Vovia we keep up with the latest media, digital and analytical trends, from the latest in media targeting techniques to the newest developments in omni-channel marketing and attribution measurement, in order to find the best opportunities for our clients.

Measurement and Optimization

We pride ourselves on accountability, so for every marketing program we’re engaged in, we ensure to work with our clients to identify measurable goals which matter to them.  Then we continually track our performance and optimize our efforts in order to drive optimal results.  Significant performance improvement is often driven through many small gains, so we see ourselves as relentless optimizers, always searching for performance improvements in all aspects of the campaigns we run.