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Out of Home Advertising Services

One of the more innovative channels is out of home advertising as the industry has embraced innovation in all forms, such as the adoption of digital technologies, new lighting, and new materials.  Creative executions can cut through the clutter and hold people’s attention, while sometimes also encouraging interaction, social sharing, and even media coverage. By staying on the leading edge, we can help you develop out of home concepts which grab your customer’s attention and encourage engagement with your brand.

Out of Home Advertising

Creativity – Out of home provides lots of options and opportunities to unleash your creative.  Done well, these experiences can also include intimate brand interactions, social sharing, and media opportunities, generating additional benefit.

Big Brand Feel – Out of home is typically seen as a big brand channel, so it can help establish or grow your brand’s credibility with consumers.

Positioning at Point of Purchase – 70% of purchase decisions are made in store.  Out of home options enable you to provide a well timed ad, potentially influencing the purchasing decision.

Cost Effective – Out of home is usually one of the least expensive formats (with a low average CPM second only to radio), allowing you to reach more people with less budget.

Vovia’s Out of Home Advertising

With Vovia’s out of home planning and buying service, you can reach the right audience and create memorable experiences. We can manage your entire campaign for you, including:

  • Market research
  • Creative testing and insight
  • Media negotiation
  • Budget management
  • Campaign measurement and reporting