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Experiential Marketing Services

Create lasting impressions through connected, impactful experiential marketing executions.  Experiential marketing can create personal connections between brands and consumers by creating real-life experiences that are memorable and create emotional bonds between brands and consumers. Often, these experiences leverage digital technologies as well, to generate additional sharing opportunities.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

Hands-On – Experiential marketing provides a unique opportunity for a hands-on experience with a product or an experience that is indicative of the service, event, or experience being promoted.  Unlike other mediums where the product or service must be explained, experiential marketing gives the consumer the opportunity to experience it first hand.

Emotional Engagement – A well executed experiential marketing campaign can create a strong emotional engagement, one which consumer share with their friends and remember fondly.

In-Depth Learning – Experiential events provide the opportunity for consumers to ask questions and learn in-depth about a product, service, or experience, breaking down barriers to purchase.

Position With Positive Experiences – Putting on a live event provides the consumer with a positive and memorable experience, provoking positive brand emotions.

Vovia’s Experiential Marketing

With Vovia’s experiential planning and execution services, you can reach the right audience with a memorable experience. We can manage your entire experiential campaign for you, including:

  • Market research
  • Working with your creative or event partners to advise on venues with media partnership opportunities
  • Media negotiation
  • Media innovation (developing media channel opportunities related to existing ideas)
  • Budget management
  • Campaign measurement and reporting