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Conversion Rate Optimization Services

Driving traffic to your website is only half the battle – your site must also convert visitors into qualified leads or sales after they’ve arrived. Conversion Optimization does just that, ensuring that you maximize your existing traffic by converting as many of them as possible into sales or leads.

Vovia takes a scientific approach to improving your website’s conversion rate. Our tests and recommendations aren’t based solely on best practices; they’re based on real customer feedback and the market landscape.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

Convert More Leads – Convert more of your existing website traffic into leads and sales. By doing so, conversion optimization can often produce a far greater return than other marketing efforts and is a good compliment to any other online marketing campaign.

Discover Barriers to Sales – If you’re not sure why your product is not selling as many units as you had planned, conversion rate optimization will allow you to test many attributes of your sales funnel and determine which one is blocking sales.

Message Testing – Want to know which messages resonate the most with prospective clients? Conversion Rate optimization will allow you to test different messages and determine which drive the most sales or leads.

Price Point Testing – Want to know if different price points or bundling will result in more sales? Conversion Rate Optimization can allow you to test different pricing models with small portions of your site traffic.

Vovia’s Conversion Rate Optimization

By reviewing your existing site and analyzing your customer traffic, we can propose the best strategies for optimizing conversions. But that’s really just the first step! Next, we track the effects of those changes, sometimes testing two or more alternatives in simple A/B tests and other times changing many attributes in your website simultaneously using sophisticated multivariate testing methodologies. For example, some of our suggestions might be to:

  • Change your messaging
  • Change the colour, verbiage or location of your “Buy Now” buttons
  • Change the messaging on your check-out pages
  • Change the layout of your site
  • Test alternative price points

Using multivariate testing, we can test all of these changes and many options for each and determine not only the individual effect of each change but also the combined effects. The number of combinations that can be tested is nearly limitless.

Conversion Rate Optimization includes the following steps.

  • Usability testing
  • Design review
  • Web copy optimization
  • Landing page creation or optimization of existing landing pages
  • Customer analysis
  • Alternate option testing (A/B or multivariate tests)
  • Configuration of web site analytics