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Analytics Services

Understanding what people are doing when they come to your website is the first step to making better use of all of your website traffic. Ensuring that you have your analytics set-up and tracking properly is essential to uncovering which marketing is working and which is not, which content is resonating with your audience the most, and where potential customers are falling out of your sales funnel. In addition, tracking key performance indicators over time is the key to improving your website and marketing efforts, guiding your approach so that you can stay ahead of your competition.

Benefits of Analytics

Increase Conversions – Discover where potential customers are falling out of your sales funnel so that you can remove barriers and increase conversions.

Track Successes – Find out which marketing efforts are working the best, so that your successes can be replicated, and find out which efforts are not working so that they can be pruned from your campaigns.

Insight – Understand what visitors to your website are doing, what information they value, and how to convert them into leads and sales.

Uncover Trends – Discover trends which can inform your product development and overall marketing strategy.

Vovia’s Analytics service

With Vovia’s advanced analytics service you can gain deeper insights into what’s working and not working for you online, providing essential feedback for campaign optimization. Vovia’s analtyics service includes the following:

  • Analytics set-up and configuration
  • Conversion and micro conversion tracking
  • KPI identification and reporting
  • Cross channel and multi-touch attribution tracking