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Email Marketing Services

What other form of marketing is truly permission-based? Email marketing is more than selling your products or services; it’s an opportunity to build stronger relationships that go beyond the last sale.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Build credibility and trust – Customize and target messages to address your customers needs and concerns, thereby building greater credibility and trust.

Cultivate relationships – Move past the sale and increase product satisfaction, repeat purchase, and referral business.

Nurture/warm-up leads – Provide prospects the information they need and address barriers to purchase, moving them through the sales funnel.

Generate sales – Announce product launches, promotions, and other offers that directly generate sales and leads.

Create brand advocates – Brand advocates (also known as Promoters) are important representatives of your brand, providing positive word of mouth and also standing up for your brand when detractors attempt to discredit it.

Vovia’s Email Marketing

We can provide you with a fully-managed program, or help you out where you need it most. We make it easy to start reaching customers and prospects today. We’ll integrate your email campaigns into your CRM, social media, and other tools.

Our email marketing services include:

  • Strategic channel development
  • Persona development of market segments
  • Campaign Management
  • Delivery calendar
  • List growth and development
  • Email design, copywriting, and editing
  • Measurement