Our plans are centered around driving performance, a customer centric experience, and spend efficiencies.

Our marketing plans cover elements such as:

  • Objectives and key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Customer strategy – attract, grow, retain analysis and strategies
  • Marketing program strategy – what is promoted and when
  • Messaging strategy – what is most relevant for your customers across your various products/services or programs. 
  • Media Strategy – how do we best reach your customers? what should your optimal channel mix be?  How can media efficiencies be achieved?
  • Testing Strategy – creative, messaging, media to test and optimize 
  • Content plan – what assets and content do you need and when do you need it? Where will you distribute it across your paid, earned and owned channels?
  • Measurement plan – Do you want a dashboard or monthly report? What are you most interested in understanding? Develop a reporting template that would provide insight on how your marketing efforts are performing against your objectives and KPI’s. Which customers are engaging and how to find more customers like them. Are certain products/services and messaging resonating more than others. Are we seeing more success among certain media channels etc. 
6 touchpoints
are required to generate the average sale.


Every agency says they are strategic so what does that really mean? It means we take the time to understand your business, your industry, your audience, and your goals. We take all of this knowledge, do a whole bunch of research and analyze any data that we can get our hands on. We’ll take a look at how your customers actually behave, not just what they say.

The result is a strategy that drives performance, offers a customer centric experience, and maximizes efficiency.

Our approach to media is centered around the customer and business performance, as a result we combine our syndicated research from the sources we subscribe to with real time analytics to understand

We could bring in the customer journey and talk about how we devise media plans that have the right omni channel mix for each stage of that journey?

  • POV Audits
  • Full plans
  • Media Research to support audits and internal plans
“Vovia has been a valuable strategic partner both before the pandemic as well as helping us pivot throughout it. We have been very pleased with our media program results and working relationship. ”
Jeff Hessel
Senior Vice President Marketing
Tourism Calgary
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