Content is King - it is the cornerstone of many of your marketing efforts including paid, earned or owned channels.

Understanding where to focus your efforts and how all of these pieces work together is no easy feat. At Vovia, we understand that ads and landing pages do not exist in isolation to the customer. Customers are exposed to both paid and non-paid content, and it’s important to align both to have a seamless customer experience.

We work collaboratively with our clients on content strategy. Our clients bring the product and branding strategy to the table, and we can help put the pieces together to create a full content strategy. We look at industry search trends to find topics that would be worth having content on the site to drive more traffic, and also to provide value based on your product offering. We can also help you find the right content for each channel – from newsletter to organic social activity.

of businesses have a content marketing strategy.


Why work with us?

Our services are scalable – if you have an in-house team of writers but just need guidance to align your content strategy with your paid efforts, we can help with that. If you need help getting off the ground with a new strategy, we offer full strategic and execution services, from planning to writing execution and reporting.

So you’ve got a plan for your organic social channels and identified a solid strategy for an overall content strategy – great! Now, you need to put that strategy into action. We can work with you to develop content including:

  • Social posts
  • Blog posts
  • Email content
  • Website content
“Vovia provided SEO strategy around the launch of our new website in June 2019. We also consult them for advice on content planning support, blog management, and any other marketing questions that come up!”
Matt Best
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Group Medical Services (GMS)
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