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Trico Homes


Trico Homes wanted to use social media to build credibility and trust with potential customers, demonstrate transparency, and educate potential homebuyers about the process. Ultimately, they were hoping to build relationships and drive traffic to showhomes, but without social media expertise in house, they weren’t sure how/where to start.

Strategy & Solution:

We worked with Trico to identify existing marketing activities that could be integrated with social. We developed a strategy that focused on interaction and generating conversation rather than just broadcasting and set up processes that respected internal approval hierarchies.


“It isn’t about likes, each day we are engaging with our customers and building relationships.” – Glenda Schwartz, Marketing Manager.

Our goal was quality engagement, not simply hitting a number. Trico didn’t have a social media presence at all when we were brought in, and now has over 950 Facebook fans, and over 1100 Twitter followers. Most importantly, that’s a 56% increase in fans that are in Trico’s target market.


Increase in Targeted Fans