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NovAtel designs, manufactures, and sells high precision Global Navigation Satellite System positioning technology and is the global leader in this space. They reached out to us with the need to reinforce their market leadership position and increase qualified organic traffic to their website.

Strategy & Solution:

We were able to immediately determine technical opportunities with the site that would increase visibility in search results. While performing a technical audit for our Search Engine Optimization strategy efforts, we noticed an exceptional educational resource that was fairly standalone in its structure and could prove to be a strong content leader. We worked with NovAtel to optimize the resource for both strong user experience and increased readability by search engines. This approach performed incredibly well, and the resource quickly earned authoritative links from across the globe, driving high levels of organic traffic to their website. Incremental traffic gains were experienced monthly, resulting in a large impact over time.


Since inception at the end of 2012, this educational resource has received a large volume of views and has brought in over 67% new visitors. Year over year, NovAtel’s organic traffic also received a significant boost of 205%.


New Visitors


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