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Carlisle Group


Carlisle Group is a successful Alberta based condo developer. They came to us for support around driving awareness, engagement and online registrations with respect to their sales launch events. With real estate being a highly competitive industry, Carlisle was looking for a way to gain greater visibility and generate leads. Recognizing these competitive pressures, we were very conscious of finding the right balance of driving their sales without driving their cost.


Vovia developed a number of geographically targeted Search Advertising campaigns which focused on keyword phrases with high buyer intent. We also integrated these campaigns with Carlisle’s other marketing initiatives to boost sales launch registrations. This substantially increased the relevancy of Carlisle’s online traffic and captured a significant number of registrations at a very low cost.


Through a series of 14 event-boosting campaigns, our Search Advertising efforts consistently accounted for 40-50% of Carlisle’s total sales launch registrations. Not only did Vovia drive a high percentage of total registrations, we did so at a significantly lower rate.  Our cost per conversion was often 80% less than other channels.

Avg. 45%

Share of Total


Cost per Conversion vs. Other Channels