Wes is a Canadian with a suspiciously pleasing British accent. With over 8 years of progressive experience, Wes brings extraordinary strategic expertise into the Vovia picture. When he's not traversing the planet in pursuit of the incredible, Wes can be found right here in Calgary just hanging with his family.

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Get to Know… Wes!

What is your role?

I’m an Account Manager here at Vovia. Basically, I make sure that everything is running smoothly and that my clients are as happy as a clam.

How did you get in to Digital Marketing?

Stumbled into it to be honest. I was working as a Restaurant Manager in the UK and was tired of the evenings and weekends. One day, I walked into an employment agency and they told me I would be perfect for a role at an affiliate marketing agency (had no idea what affiliate marketing even was!) They (crazily) hired me, and the rest is history. In Digital Marketing, I’ve had the great pleasure to work client side for some of the UK’s largest businesses as well as some top local agencies.

What is your favourite part of the job?

The best part about my job, by far, is working with such a great bunch of digitally minded professionals.  In this ever changing world (thanks Google…) it is a privilege to be able to consult peers on decisions and feed off each other for ideas. Vovia is truly a special place.

So you say you’re Canadian… What’s with the British accent?Young Wes2

I AM CANADIAN! I’m originally from Windsor, Ontario but I flew the nest and have been living abroad since 2004. Living in England and being married to a Brit hasn’t helped with keeping my Canadian ace, but don’t worry, I’m working on getting it back…. Eh!

Like most of Vovia’s staff, you’re well-travelled.  What is the craziest place you’ve been?

I’ve been to a few. The “Holi Festival” in India was insane! During Holi, I was driving a scooter in India whilst throwing powder paint and getting it thrown right back; pretty crazy experience to say the least. The most memorable, though, is definitely Everest basecamp. The flight to Lukla (one of the world’s most dangerous airports), altitude sickness, and the climb to the 17,500 ft basecamp in a blizzard made for an epic journey indeed.

Is there anything that you miss from the UK?

Easy question…Pubs. The city I lived in (Norwich) claims to have a different pub for every day of the year…Challenge accepted!  Living in an old city like Norwich also lends to some amazing history (cathedrals, castles). I have friends who live in houses that were built before Canada’s confederation!