Rachel is an account manager at Vovia with a background in the exciting world of websites and digital project management. When she's not analyzing reports, strategizing with clients or crunching numbers, you can find her enjoying hanging out with her family and friends, exercising, creating a new salad mix for lunch or travelling.

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Get to Know…Tracy!

Time for another introduction to a new Vovia team member: Tracy Gonzalez! This post is a bit overdue as Tracy has been with us since the spring of this year. Tracy is our highly experienced VP of Client Service, and has filled our office with her energy since she joined us, building strong relationships with both clients and our team. We are lucky to have her. Read on to learn more about Tracy and her role at Vovia, and how she spends her ‘spare time’.

What is your role/what do you do at Vovia?

VP Client Service. I consider myself a support resource for the client service team and our clients so they can be successful and achieve their objectives.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time? What’s that? I’m kidding of course but life is busy as I have three highly active and athletic kids who love to play sports so much of my time is spent between the ball diamond or hockey rink. Our family has two dogs, Remy our rescue and Jasper our giant Bernerdoodle, they keep my husband and I moving as require a lot of walks and constant affection. We are a winter loving family so ‘down time’ is geared around the ski hill and we embrace our proximity to the Rocky mountains wholeheartedly. 

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

My background is a combination of El Salvadoran and Scottish. That unique combo makes me a very proud Canadian and I am thankful that my father and mother’s family had the opportunity to come to Canada and build a life here in Alberta.

Tracy’s mom & dad

What do you love/what are you most passionate about?

My family and finding ways to support and mentor others. I also love watching baking shows with my youngest son, any excuse really to snuggle in with my kids, light the fireplace and chill out. 

What is your favourite part about working at Vovia?

The people – that includes my talented co-workers, clients and I can’t forget the pups that join us in the office. I learn something new from these folks everyday and the pups are always a source of joy.