Tavis is a keyword matching, globe trotting, adrenaline craving SEM specialist. Being born in small town Alberta only served his appetite for the unknown and he has since visited many exotic destinations. Tavis lives for "the rush" and constantly seeks new ways to push his limits. When he's not jumping out of airplanes or Tarzan swinging through the jungle, he loves to get inside the heads of Google searchers, allowing for top PPC placements.

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Get To Know…Tavis!

What is your role at Vovia?

I am a Search Engine Marketer (SEM) and help clients ensure that their brand, products and services stay top of mind for people while searching online. Some days I feel like I’m part psychologist because in order to effectively target the appropriate search terms I have to get into the minds of searchers. I need to anticipate the range of search terms people will use while searching for a given brand, product and/or service.

Why do you like digital marketing?

Vovia - Tavis LindquistI love that digital is so tangible in that when an online initiative is launched, there is a wealth of data available to track many different aspects of that initiative. Armed with this data it is possible to be more agile and make well informed decisions about the evolution of the program and its target market.

With online marketing it is possible to:

  • More efficiently pursue a specific target market or groups of target markets
  • Quickly (virtually real-time) gather data reflecting the number of people exposed to an advertisement and how they interact with it
  • More efficiently tie an ROI dollar value to marketing campaigns and the components within

What do you like about SEM campaigns?

Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns are a very attractive way of marketing. One of the biggest benefits of SEM is that your budget is spent only when someone clicks on your ad. This is much different than some other marketing mediums available that require an advertising lump sum payment regardless of how the campaign performs. SEM allows you to spend your marketing dollars on more qualified leads while also collecting more actionable data.

What superpower would you pick?

Definitely the ability to teleport. I love to travel but do not look forward to the time spent on a cramped airplane in conjunction with layovers. Being a little bit taller, some of the longer flights I’ve been on usually end up degrading into my own special brand of cramped-quarters yoga for the sleep-deprived.

If I had the ability to teleport I would be able to eliminate my eternal quest for the perfect sitting position while in transit to far off destinations.

What are some things about you that would surprise people?

Most people would classify me as having a very responsible demeanor so when I tell them that I’ve been skydiving, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, jumping from a 280ft platform on a “Tarzan Swing” and windsurfing, they are pretty surprised.

The truth is, managing risk and making calculated decisions is what I thrive on. In my professional life this translates into pushing the limits and growing as a digital marketer. In my personal life, this translates into weekend adventures and exciting life experiences. Just be sure not to tell my life insurance provider about my extracurricular activities… shhhhhhh.