Susan has over 20 years of media leadership working with some of the most iconic Alberta brands. When she's not planning integrated media campaigns, you'll find her on the golf course, or in the back yard with hubby Chris tooling around in their Bronco.

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Get to Know… Susan Beck!

What is your role?

I am a Media Director. which means that I strategize, plan, and execute clients’ traditional media campaigns, to help them accomplish their advertising objectives.

Susan Beck

What’s the best part of the job?

No two plans or buys are ever the same, and with the fragmentation of media, there are so many directions that plans can take. The fun is in finding the most targeted and efficient media mixes. I also really enjoy negotiating with our supplier partners to get the most cost-effective media buys possible.

What do you do when not working?

I keep my husband’s classic car addiction in check! When I met my husband, Chris, he drove a 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix, and it really has just continued on from there with a variety of vehicles over the years – please don’t ask how many!

I also enjoy walking Charlie, my Border Collie, around the neighborhood, sampling Burgundy wines (my favourite), reading biographies, and going to classic car shows with Chris. When feeling nostalgic, you’ll find me driving around in my Dad’s old 72 GMC pick up.

Tell me about the pickup

The ’72 GMC truck was a vehicle that my Dad bought new. We went on all family vacations in the truck / camper including an epic road trip to the East cost and back to Edmonton (6 weeks! – 4 people in tight quarters) and many years to Radium Hot Springs. So, when my Mom and Dad moved off the acreage into a seniors condo, they gifted the truck to us with the caveat that we can’t sell it. We wouldn’t dream of it! A cherished possession to say the least.

I hear you’re a traveller. Where do you like to travel?

We have a couple of favorite places – nothing too adventurous though. In the winter it is to Scottsdale AZ for the classic car auctions (remember the car addiction), where tonnes of Calgary car guys/gals get together. Hit the auctions, hit the outlet malls, hit the golf courses, and of course, there just might be cocktails involved.

The second is Tofino in the spring/summer for beach walking, “TacoFina”, and chilling out with the husband and dog. Mmmm TacoFina…

How did you end up at Vovia?

After taking some time off over the last year, I was looking for a role that would allow me to put my 30 years of advertising experience to use. I also wanted to challenge myself by learning some new tools of the trade and to be part of a positive team atmosphere. Vovia ticked all those boxes.

What do you like at Vovia?

In two words: The Culture. It is a culture that is respectful and positive. Everyone is willing and eager to help and teach. From the top to the bottom.

Vovians can be a tad geeky. Any secrets you want to share with us?

If I revealed my geeky secrets, I would have to kill you…