Olivier Doyon is a Montreal Canadiens fan and a digital marketer, in that order. He sits on the line between millennial and gen Z, granting him the status of resident tastemaker at Vovia. When he is not waging war against sampled data sets, Olivier can be found air drumming to his favourite heavy metal tunes and manically counting his daily caloric intake. Olivier studied business and marketing at the University of Calgary

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Get to Know… Olivier!

What is your role at Vovia?
I’m an Analytics Specialist, which means that I spend the better part of my days deciphering data sets, playing with spreadsheets, and conjuring regular expression magic. My role consists of designing, developing, and delivering digital analytics solutions for Vovia’s wide client roster, and working collaboratively with other digital marketing professionals (SEM, SEO, CRO, etc.) to implement analytics strategies. Providing the client with actionable insights is the name of the game around here, and it’s especially rewarding when we can turn data into dollars.

Olivier Doyon

So what drew you to Analytics?
Although I was initially drawn to the creative aspect of the industry, I felt that the always-expanding field of digital analytics was a great outlet for my natural nerdiness and addiction to learning. Things are always changing, so it takes some real dedication to keep up with the constant motion in the industry. I especially love tracking implementations and enjoy the challenge of mapping a perfectly tagged website.

What do you do when you are not working?
I’ve always been a musical guy, so I usually try to catch shows or jam with friends on the weekends. Being a drummer, I sadly had to hang up my sticks during my university years – the price to pay to live on campus. Reconnecting back with old bandmates has been an interesting experience, and I’m super excited about getting into it again! Besides my unconditional love of music, I’m also a political junkie who is passionate about world affairs and current events. This addiction had led me down a dangerous road of content consumption – I read all the time and always listen to podcasts during my very long commute!

What’s something about you that would surprise other people?

I host and produce my own weekly podcast, which has thousands of downloads per month! People are usually surprised to find out since I’m a pretty quiet guy around the office, but I’ve been doing it for about two years now with no end in sight. At this point, it’s just something that I do for fun on the weekends, but I do have some big plans for it in the future… Stay tuned!

As a recent graduate, what advice do you have for students interested in the digital world?
Don’t become complacent and assume your education credentials alone will bring you opportunities. The days of getting a great entry-level job simply in virtue of having a degree are LONG gone. If I could only emphasize one thing, it would be to build as much practical and meaningful experience as one can before graduation. Not only does it show that you already have some practical skills, but most importantly, it demonstrates initiative and enthusiasm toward the industry. Personally, I had built two WordPress sites, completed Google certifications (which are conveniently free), and already had a few digital side projects under my belt when I applied to Vovia. That is the kind of initiative agencies look for out of new grads, and any student interested in digital should strive to do this.