Lauren is a self proclaimed marketing nerd who loves to analyze, organize, and colour code EVERYTHING! Lauren also loves to hang out at the gym or in the mountains, and has an (unhealthy) obsession with Disney movies.

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Get To Know… Lauren!

Word is you have a hybrid role at the company, tell us more!

At Vovia, we specialize. Usually people will only work in one area as that is how we achieve optimal results. My role, however, is unique because I get to work across two departments (Analytics and Search Engine Marketing) to ensure that there is consistency between client goals and monthly reporting. It’s a great position and I get exposure to both the analysis and the execution of sophisticated SEM campaigns.


So what drew you to Vovia?

In one word, culture! For me, liking my job is important, but working with people I like is just as crucial. The people (and pets) here are super friendly, funny, and supportive. They embody that old motto ‘work hard, play hard’, which is my kind of crowd! Plus, the office space is pretty awesome. We have a glorious candy bar, a fully stocked beer fridge, Super Mario wall decals, and a meeting room called the ‘Batcave’? Heck yes!

What else do you love?

In case you didn’t pick this up from my childhood photo, I am absolutely infatuated with the magic of Disney. There is just something about the characters and the parks, and the joy that they spread every day. Drop by my desk sometime, you’ll think you’re in Disneyland!

I also love being creative in basically anyway that I can be (another reason why marketing is my calling). Whenever I travel or head out to the mountains, I always bring my DSLR to capture the beautiful scenery and any shenanigans that we encounter along the way. What else? I love making my own greeting cards and I love to cook too!

Tell us something unique about you.

I am actually a certified climbing instructor and taught indoor climbing for six years. In high school, I wanted to find something to set myself apart so I learned how to climb at the local rec centre. Before I knew it, I was teaching other people how to climb at that very same climbing wall, which was very rewarding. I am ‘retired’ now, but still like to climb for fun.

As a recent graduate, what advice do you have for students interested in the digital world?

Do not be afraid to learn on your own! Just because your school doesn’t offer digital marketing courses does not mean that you can’t learn about it. Invest the time to do some of your own research, and get certified in Google Analytics. It will be worth it, I promise. Also, network, network, network! If you know anyone who does digital marketing, do not hesitate to ask them for a coffee chat. More often than not, they will happily comply and give you some pretty great insight and advice. If you don’t know anyone in the field, get out there and meet some people!