Josh Fife is a digital marketing professional who specializes in Paid Search and Social Media. When he isn’t busy optimizing marketing campaigns for clients, he spends his time planning his next trip, traveling, playing sports, board games, video games (anything competitive), and experimenting in the kitchen.

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Get to Know… Josh!

What is your role at Vovia?

Josh Fife

I am an SEM & Paid Social Specialist, which means I develop and optimize marketing campaigns for our clients across multiple digital platforms.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to engage in illegal street racing. My crew and I used to build cars and race them against other crews in the area. We eventually started robbing semi-trucks carrying various consumer goods, but when we got caught we decided to switch teams and fight for the good guys. What can I say? I live my life one quarter mile at a time…

WAIT…never mind, that’s the plot to the Fast and The Furious movie franchise. My bad. Sorry guys…

In reality, my free time consists of finding/cooking new recipes, weightlifting, playing various sports and games, and hanging out with my friends and family. WOW. That sounds so much more boring after starting off with the plot of The Fast and The Furious. I should probably edit that part out…

What are some things about you that would surprise people?

As a young child I managed to learn, and forget, how to speak Norwegian. I lived in Stavanger, Norway for 6 years with my family and became fluent, but once we moved back to Canada I lost it almost entirely.

I also participated in two semesters abroad during University. I spent 6 months in Cordoba, Argentina for the first one, and I went to Bolzano, Italy for a few months for the second. Ended up travelling around Europe after Italy for a while too!

Oh! And last summer I won a trip to Spain, where I spent 3 weeks road tripping from city to city with my girlfriend. I actually thought that I was being scammed when I won the trip, so I almost didn’t claim the prize. We started in Barcelona and made our way through Madrid, down to the Costa Del Sol, up to Seville, and finally back to Barcelona.

So… you like to travel?

You could say that! The list of places that I need to visit just keeps on growing. The team here at Vovia is very well travelled, so hearing about everyone’s awesome adventures is making it hard to choose where to go next. Right now, I’m thinking Asia. Possibly Japan!

What do you like about Vovia?

I really like that I get to continually learn and grow as a marketer. The digital landscape is constantly changing. I find the team here is always researching, which allows us to stay ahead of new trends and techniques. As much as I love the analytical, results-driven components of this job, I must admit that the best part of working at Vovia is that I get to hang out with a highly talented team of digital & traditional media geeks every day! I know, I know, everyone says that in their first blog, but for good reason.