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Get to Know…Jazzi and Jasper

Vovia is a dog-friendly office and our Paw-blic relations team of four friendly floofers work hard to help keep the office positive, welcoming and full of cuddles, even if it can get a little hairy sometimes.

Vovia office dogs Jazzi and Jasper

Pet parents, Lauren and Cas sat down with the two newest members of our Paw-blic relations team here at Vovia, Jasmine and Jasper. Previously we introduced you to our senior members Gulliver and Loki. Let’s dig in and learn a little more into their paw-spectives on life and roles here at Vovia.

Jasmine (AKA Jazzi), a 7-month-old Labradoodle, is Vovia’s newest and youngest addition to the team and is taking on the role of Junior Paw-blic Relations Coordinator. Hoomans and other dog team members describe her as fun, full of energy, and playful. She seems like a good fit to help keep us positive!

Jasper (AKA J-bird) is a Black Lab mix and is just over 9 years old.  He’s been a Vovia team-member for nearly two years and has lots of experience helping both hoomans and puppers. He likes to play it cool and relaxed, and can often be found lounging in sunbeams around the office. 

Q. Jasper, what’s your role at Vovia: 

A. “I’m our Senior Paw-blic Relations Manager. I oversee all the other pup-ployees and make sure they aren’t causing too much trouble.” 

Jazzi joined the team in the Spring of 2019 and Jasper helped oversee her onboarding.

Q. Jasper, how did you feel the onboading went with Jazzi? 

A. “Well, I would say that she was rather enthusiastic, she came in all floofy and ready to jump into the all of the meetings! She is the youngest pup-ployee to join Vovia in a long time, and we’ve all taken to showing her the ropes.  Loki has shown her around the office, often playin…I mean practicing effective communication! Gully has been great at doling out the work and keeping Jasmine in line. 

When Jasmine started, all the hoomans fawned over her, because she’s pretty paw-dorable and she was getting all the new pets…projects.  The hoomans have been good about sharing the cuddles…client work more evenly now though!” 

Q. Jazzi, how did you feel the onboarding went?

A. “I could barely contain myself on the first day, I was jumping for joy! At first, I thought the office was a playground – I quickly learned that it isn’t (but sometimes I still get away with it). I didn’t realize there were so many great places outside of my home.  But I have also learned that if I sit quietly, my hooman teammates will come see me! How much better can it get?” 

Q. How do you two work together?

A. Jazzi: “Our desks are right by one another, so it’s easy for me to run over and share ideas with him.”

Jasper: “She has loads of ideas and isn’t afraid to share them!”

Jazzi: “We like working together outside too – sometimes our hoomans take us out for team-building walks around the neighbourhood.” 

Jasper: “When we’re out walking, it’s a great way to build rapport, and we get to meet lots of our neighbours in the building when we are in the magic boxes that take us from place to place! (aka elevators)” 

Q. What’s a typical day like for your department?

A. Jasper: “Typically, I bring my hooman into work paw-ty early, so I can get some extra work in (that dog bed isn’t going to hold itself down). I plan my day, which usually involves lots of meetings, and greeting hoomans as they come to work!  Throughout the day, I make sure to schedule in all the pets and supporting the hoomans.” 

Jazzi: “I sit and wait for people to come pet me! And sometimes I get treats!!  We also have lots of meetings in these rooms. The hoomans mostly talk, but sometimes I have ideas too!”

Q. What’s the best part of your job?

A. Jazzi: “I have soooooo many friends! I don’t understand why everyone calls me floofy though. My name is Jazzi!”

Jasper: “We have lots of windows and I love finding nice sunny spots to sleep under. I also love my afternoon walks with my favourite hoomans.” 

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your job?

A. Jasper: “Sometimes I have lineups for pets… I am in high demand and it’s hard to fit all the pets in sometimes!” 

Jazzi: “Staying still. Who wants that when you can play?”

Q. What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

A. Jazzi: “Play in the snow!”

Jasper: “I like long walks in the park, and hanging out with hoomans…although I might like my naps a littttttllle bit more.” 

We know that our hoomans loved sitting down with us and we loved sharing a little bit more of ourselves with you! If you are ever in the neighbourhood and want to schedule a meeting, or even an impromptu visit, swing on by for all the cuddles you can handle!