Chantelle Evelyn is a certified AdWords Specialist and Search Engine Marketer at Vovia. She was born in Barbados but moved to Calgary to experience all 4 seasons in one day. She enjoys running with her dog, getting out to the mountains, and her own jokes.

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Get to Know… Chantelle!

What is your role at Vovia?  My role is first and foremost is to manage PPC ad campaigns for our clients, on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I have my advanced certification in Google AdWords and am also certified in Google Analytics.

What’s the best part of your job?  The absolute BEST part of my job would have to be that I am surrounded by smart, professional, strategic and VERY funny people.  I also love the ever-changing nature of the business. Every day brings another challenge and they keep you in check, keep you grounded, yet always on your toes. And that’s really exciting!

What is the biggest mistake people are making when they do their own PPC campaigns?  Without a doubt – campaign set-up.  Since this process is the very first thing that you do in your account, it is often overlooked because of deadlines or lack of expertise.  Although it can be a very time-consuming part of the overall campaign, it is time WELL spent.  It paves the way for campaign success in that it can save you time later on or better yet, save you money.  By setting up campaigns strategically, you create control for yourself while creating flexibility for optimization when the time comes.

What do you like about managing PPC campaigns?  I love the data.  Data doesn’t lie.  I chatted with another PPC specialist that has managed campaigns in Chinese.  They did not speak a word of Chinese, nor could they read it.  This campaign was translated by a professional and handed back for optimization.  I asked how they did it, how they could manage a campaign without knowing what they were optimizing?  Guess what they said? “Data.” — Did I make my point?

Why does it take so long to set up a PPC campaign?  Research! Ad Copy! It is very difficult to try to think of every single variation of a phrase that people will type into a search bar. Therefore, I do extensive keyword research to develop robust keyword lists. Then, I group this list into themes and segment similar terms into their own ad groups. Finally, I create ads that relate to the theme in each ad group. Depending on the client or industry, an account can have 20+ ad groups.  I always write 2 ads per ad group for testing <- CRUCIAL for optimization.

What would be your luxury item on Survivor?  Soap. Don’t laugh! I have been camping and been forced to go an entire day without showering (with soap). If I could bring two items – wine!

You moved to Canada from Barbados.  What do you miss most about Barbados?  What do you like most about Canada?  My mother’s cooking (and Barbadian food in general)!  I love food, therefore I think I should love cooking but that’s not the case.  Everyone says that their mum makes the best food,  but sorry future children – I may be the exception to that rule!

And Canada?  For someone that was born and raised in an island paradise with consistent 30 degree weather, I strangely love the 4 seasons (winter – the least favourite).  There is an appreciation for the warmth that I never had before, I have been spoiled with it all my life.  I love how much Canadians embrace the seasons in the very best way – sitting out on a patio when it’s warm, skating or skiing when it’s cold, and taking advantage of every opportunity.  I love the people, their way of life and the diversity of the country as a whole.