Cassandra has accumulated a myriad of marketing experience over the past (nearly) 10 years, giving her a well-rounded perspective of data analysis, client-side and agency-life. When she's not planning holistic media strategies, you'll find her at the Crossfit box, hanging out with her dog (Jasper), or spending time outside.

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Get to Know… Cas!

What is your role at Vovia?
I am a Senior Media Planner/Buyer, which means I strategize, plan, and execute clients’ online (in partnership with our awesome Digital Marketing Team) & offline media campaigns.

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend a ridiculous amount of time telling Jasper (my dog) what a good, handsome boy he is, which gives him the power to convince me to take him for long walks, share my apples, and give him loads of love. It’s hard to say no to that sweet face.

Oh goodness – I also spend way too much time at my Crossfit box! I became addicted to the sport in 2017 and haven’t let up yet. I actually have my Crossfit Level 1 certificate – which means we could always do a Vovia team building boot camp…free coaching…just saying!

Beyond the dog and the gym, I love to garden. I spend a lot of time in the dirt (no shoes for this lady), digging around, talking to my plants, encouraging them to grow. I also bake and aspire to open a late-night bakery called “Midnight Delight” – catering to the younger audiences on college campuses and enabling their late night snacking with delicious baked goods.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.
In high school, I broke a girl’s collar bone while playing field hockey. I’d really like to say it was an accident, but… well, let’s just say we won that game.

Calgary has been home for nearly five years (I’m ‘Merican) – which is the longest I’ve ever lived any place since going to university when I was 18. I’ve lived in 13 cities/towns since 2009 and moved more times within each of those cities than I care to count. Bonus of that though – I am a light packer and am always ready for the next adventure.

What do you love/what are you most passionate about?
I love to travel! Long or short, it’s all about the adventure. I also adore elderly people – they have so much wisdom to share and are a treasure. I’m currently in the process of working on my Crossfit adaptive training to eventually get into ‘coaching’ free classes at senior/retirement homes to help the elderly live their best lives possible.

LOVE animals as well! All kinds, doesn’t matter (although I must admit, snakes creep me out).

What is the best part about working at Vovia?
Is everything an appropriate answer? The culture, the amazing depth of knowledge, the varied backgrounds and experiences of everyone who works here, the can-do-kick-butt attitude, the willingness to help and collaborate with each other, the dogs (Jasper is super keen on this one)…literally the list goes on and on. I just am over the moon working at Vovia – it’s the bees knees!