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Get to Know… Buddy & Max!

Meet the real MVPs at Vovia – Buddy and Max! 

Even though they may interrupt you when you’re on a call, or refuse to answer any emails (like, at all), their specialization in stress relief and tail-wagging is unmatched agency-wide. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with them, witnessing first-hand their endless pawsitivity and contagious enthusiasm that they bring to our team. 

Join me as we explore the fascinating world of Buddy and Max, the true champions of workplace joy! 

Tell me a little about yourself and your role at Vovia.

Buddy: I am the youngest employee and CCO – Chief Chaotic Officer at Vovia. I started off as a puppy with a little separation anxiety but the lovely humans at Vovia helped me overcome it. I now let chaos reign wherever I go (my team helps rein it in).

Max: I am the CTO – Chief Tail-wagging Officer, and the most senior Vovian on the team. A first-timer in the corporate canine world, I have taken my CTO responsibilities quite seriously by being present at every meeting with my mum, Stacey. My enthusiastic tail wags don’t just captivate my fellow Vovians, they also make a lasting impression on our visiting clients as they frequently ask for my attendance in meetings.

What do you do in your spare time? 

Buddy: As you’re well aware, I am fully committed to my job, and being a professional chaos creator consumes a significant portion of my day. However, in my spare time, I often indulge in improving my skills in the arts of stealth and cuteness. My favourite pastime involves surprising my fellow Vovians by sneakily approaching them, and, when they least expect it, securing a treat from their drawers or snatching a snack from their desks. It’s a mischievous hobby that adds a touch of fun to the daily grind!

Max: Ah, the delightful adventures of my spare time are a tail-wagging spectacle! When I’m not dazzling the office with my charming presence, you’ll find me on epic sniffing quests, exploring the intriguing scents of the world. I also like basking in the warm sun, contemplating the mysteries of squirrels and dreaming of the next tasty treat. 

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people.

Buddy: While I’m often perceived as the chaos connoisseur, there’s more to me than meets the eye – I’m also a skilled mentor. I’ve played a pivotal role in assisting my big brother, Max, in navigating the corporate dog world. From guiding him through office integration to teaching him the art of bin navigation, I bring a touch of mentorship to our corporate journey. 

Max: After spending most of my life on an acreage, my job at Vovia marked my first experience in the big city. Embracing this urban adventure, I find joy in exploring the cityscape and delving into the captivating scents that weave through the vibrant tapestry of the world. It’s a delightful journey of discovery for this country dog in the heart of the big city!

In closing, Buddy and Max do more than their designated roles, they urge us to welcome chaos, discover joy in the little things, and approach the corporate world with unwavering confidence. Furthermore, our four-legged coworkers have bestowed valuable lessons – success is often found in a wagging tail and a pawsitive mindset. The humans at Vovia continue to cultivate a workplace where these straightforward yet profound teachings flourish.