Blaire is a Media Planner/Buyer at Vovia with a background in both traditional and digital media. When she's not crafting a media strategy, budgeting, or looking at the latest media research, she enjoys hiking, reading, gardening, watching basketball and going to see movies.

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Get to Know… Blaire!

What is your role at Vovia?

I’m a Media Planner/Buyer, which means I craft strategic media plans and execute media buys. Get to know... Blaire!

What’s the best part of your job?

I like that it’s a mix of creativity and business analysis. It’s fun to think of out-of-the box ideas, but I also like to geek out on numbers to make sure the research and statistics support those innovative ideas. Really feels like the best of both worlds!

How did you end up in Media Planning and Buying?

I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in marketing and was always interested in advertising. I met up with someone who had graduated from my University the year before me who was working in the field, and she recommended it to me. From the way she described it, it felt like a good fit for my personality, and I’ve never looked back!

What do you like about Vovia?

That’s easy, it’s the people! Everyone was very welcoming when I started, and it made for an easy transition since I work remotely. When I visited the office in March, it was such a fun and lively atmosphere – dogs running around, candy bars, communal music – what more could you want!?! I love that our people know how to have fun, but they are also serious about their work and do an outstanding job for our clients. It’s such a refreshing attitude.

What do you do when you’re not working?

A long list of things! Mainly, I love to be with family & friends, I have passion for travel, I love going to movies, and always make time for a good book. I actually started a book club last year with my friends, and it’s great way to see people on the regular and also read great new books that I may not have found otherwise. I am also getting into gardening, and although it’s a just a small balcony garden, it’s a start!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people!

I am a huge Toronto Raptors fan! I love to go to games and listen to podcasts about the team. I went to my first road game in Detroit this March and it was an incredible experience.