Andrew is a sophisticated Client Service Manager, snappy dresser, and Vovia’s resident Maritimer. A lover of all things exciting, colourful, and loud, he divides his time between maximizing the online presence of clients, being blasted by bass and lasers at music festivals, and rambling on incessantly about cars and travelling.

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Get to Know… Andrew!

You’re a what specialist?

Andrew-NEWSI knew that this question was coming! I’m a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. My clients want to maximize the visibility of their brand and products online, and my job is to make this happen through effective ad design, accurate campaign targeting, and extremely detailed search term prediction.

The internet is a big place, and our campaigns act as a kind of ‘Bat Signal’ to guide the right customer straight into the welcoming arms of our clients. SEM is a $20 billion industry in North America alone, and I do everything in my power to earn them a piece of that pie!

Why Vovia?

The first thing I noticed when I first set foot inside the agency was how ridiculously smart (and good looking) everybody is! It’s incredibly rare to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and driven group of people who share the same results-focused mindset and killer sense of humour. We have an innate obsession with our industry and positions, but at the end of the day we also don’t take ourselves too seriously. I think that’s key to staying grounded and healthy.

So you love your job then?

Unequivocally, yes! I’ve always had a passion for technology and entrepreneurial thinking, and in this position I’m able to marry the two harmoniously. I need to treat each of my campaigns as an extension of my clients’ own businesses while simultaneously studying the mindsets of everyday internet users. It’s so cool to be on the other side of something most people use on a daily basis; Google and Facebook!

Is that a “Newfie” accent we hear?

Even though it is a scientifically proven fact that Nova Scotia is in no way shape or form part of Newfoundland, many of my peers have detected a hint of the legendary and illustrious East Coast twang in my voice. Much to their chagrin, this brings a huge smile to my face! While I love living in Alberta, my heart will always belong to the ocean and shores of my native Nova Scotia. Cliche long walks on the beach, fresh seafood, endless fishermen references….I’m getting a little misty-eyed just writing this! For the record, if you’ve never “kissed a cod” or been “butter-nosed”, you haven’t lived!

What do you miss most about the East coast?

Definitely kitchen parties. When I moved out west, I was very surprised to learn that this is strictly a Maritime phenomenon. A kitchen party is exactly what it sounds like – when you have friends over for any sort of shindig or get-together, the kitchen is the main location and focal point of the group. Rather than sitting around a table or a TV, standing around the kitchen is less formal and structured and conversation flows far more organically. It also facilitates more spirited conversation among the entire group. And most importantly, everybody’s food and drink is right there so there’s no extra travel necessary!

It truly embodies the Maritime way of living – friendly and welcoming with a focus on enjoying the finer things in life, like friends and family. And that’s why I love them!

What a surprise, another Vovia travel junkie… Which place is currently calling you back?

Such an incredibly tough call, but what always pops to my mind first is the island of Santorini in the Greek Cyclades. We have all seen those computer screen-savers that show a fantasy landscape scene with colours and panoramas that are too beautiful to be real. Santorini is the poster child for those screen-savers, only it is actually real! The one and only time that I have ever applauded a setting sun was on the sensual shores of Santorini.

What makes you tick?

Constant improvement, exploration and learning. I don’t like to stand still in life (both literally and figuratively), and I’m always looking for new experiences to try and ways to improve myself. This means taking in new music, festivals and touristy sights, adding new skills to my repertoire and meeting new people on a daily basis.

This thirst for enlightenment is just as strong in my business life. I thrive on helping my clients grow their customer bases and watch their business dreams come true. We all had to start somewhere, after all!