Andrew is an experienced digital marketer and lifelong numbers geek. Hailing all the way from Texas, Andrew is always 'grabbing the bull by the horns' when it comes to SEM and Social Media.

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Get to Know… Andrew!

What is your role at Vovia?

Howdy! I am an SEM & Paid Social Specialist with several years of experience executing digital marketing campaigns and driving great results for my clients. At a high level, I maximize ROI across a variety of paid media channels. I also proudly helm the (unofficial) position of office Texan.

Texas hey? You do know we have REAL winters in Calgary, right?

It’s finally starting to set in that I’m going to have to endure the great white this year. I have to get more jackets, I ‘reckon’.


Why Vovia?

To excel in the constantly evolving digital industry, it is important to surround yourself with intelligent people that are invested in innovation. The people here at the shop are all seasoned experts and are devoted to driving performance with new tactics and fresh ideas. Also… who doesn’t love office dogs?!

What’s something unique about you?

Other than my name (there are now 3 Andrews at Vovia), I can speak 3 languages – English, Spanish, and Norwegian (next up is French)! I grew up in Europe and took the opportunity immerse myself in as many different countries and cultures as I could. My experiences overseas helped shape who I am today; like why I play football instead of “football” (see what I did there?)

What do you like to do for fun?

Sports! I love competing and will immerse myself in any and every sporting opportunity. Football (soccer) & Basketball are the best, but now that I’m living in place that gets cold enough for ice, I’m pumped to try my hand at curling.

Food! I have always enjoyed trying new types of cuisine and Calgary has some pretty diverse restaurants. Every meal should be an adventure!

The Outdoors! In the summer you’ll find me hiking / biking / camping any weekend that I can. I hear it gets cold here in the winter, so I’ll be on the slopes!

Wear Bow-ties! My love of a good bow-tie started early so it’s probably no surprise that I aim to implement Tie Tuesday here in the office!