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Multi Screen Usage & Your Marketing Strategy (Part 2)

In part one of this post, we talked about how consumers are using different devices for different purposes and why, as marketers, it’s important to think about a multi-screen strategy when reaching these consumers.


So how can you use multi-screen behavior to reach your target audience? Here are a few tips:

  1. Tailor your marketing tactics to where your customers spend most of their time and the devices that they use. Look at your analytics to keep informed as to what devices people are using when they come to your site and what they are doing when they get there.screen
  2. Going mobile is crucial, considering that it’s the most common starting point for activities across multiple screens.
  3. Think about what information your customers need as it relates to each device and optimize your website for it. Having a ‘responsive site’ that serves up the most relevant content that your customers need for each device is an effective way to help them find what they are looking for.
  4. “Google it” – showing up in search results as it relates to your products & services will ensure that you are found when a potential consumer is going from one screen to another.
  5. Integrate your TV strategy with other devices to further engage with your customers online.

For more information on how you can help reach your customers through multi-screens, give us a shout at Vovia and we will help you out. For more information on the study by Google, you can download the report here.