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What You Need To Know: The Social Media Landscape

SocialLandscape-flowersMost companies only consider the largest social networks (Facebook and Twitter) when planning their social media strategies. Occasionally, they may also include LinkedIn and Youtube in their plans.  But this is only the tip of the iceberg as there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other social networks out there, each providing unique opportunities.  Should you be considering other social networks in your plans?  That really depends on your customers/audience, goals, and resources, but the following guide provides a quick overview of just some of the other social networks to consider.

Who’s the next up and coming social network?  It just might be Tumblr, a social blogging platform.  Tumblr has a loyal following and is growing very quickly achieving over 90 million monthly unique visits, an increase of 900% in the past year!  In terms of monthly visits, Tumblr is now ahead of both Google+ and MySpace and very close to LinkedIn (at 110 million monthly unique visits).  Tumblr also provides good opportunities for customer communication, brand exposure, and SEO benefits as described in the infographic below.

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