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Tired of Facebook Ads?

Are You Really?

Maybe you’re just tired of seeing the same ads over and over again? We all know that ad fatigue is real. This can cause frustration, which can lead to users relating negative emotion to your brand.Facebook Ad Fatigue
Ad fatigue occurs when users see the same ad multiple times, for an extended period of time, resulting in less engagement over time. The struggle is real!


Let’s say that you have recently been shopping around online for a pair of running shoes, but you decide to go into a ‘brick and mortar’ store to purchase your shoes. The advertiser does not know that you have “converted” because the actual transaction was not on their website. Therefore, these ads are still served up to you, which can result in one of two scenarios; you’ll either become annoyed by seeing ads for a product that you already purchased or you’ll go blind to the ads altogether.

See No Evil

Ad blindness, where users will glaze over your ads without acknowledging it. This occurs more and more frequently as the digital landscape becomes more cluttered. But how do we beat it? In one word, relevance!

Relevance is a major factor when it comes to ad fatigue and ad blindness because users are far less likely to engage with your ad (or even notice it) if the ad content is not relevant to them. Simply put, ensure that your targeting is concise and that you are only displaying ads to people that are in the most relevant interest groups and locations. A specific and strategic approach will always drive stronger results and, beyond this, it makes for a far better user experience.

Take Control

A key metric that is often overlooked on the paid Facebook platform is frequency. Frequency is the average number of times that a user has seen your ad and there are a few reasons why your frequency might be high:
  1. Audience is very niche – The smaller your target audience, the more likely that they will be exposed to your ads more often.
  2. Target audience is small and your daily budget is high – Facebook will always try to spend your daily budget and they usually succeed. Therefore, they will be forced to show your ad to users more frequently.

Ultimately, if your frequency is too high, you run the risk of annoying the user, but there are measures that you can take to minimize the risk.

How to combat this?

  • Your campaign should have 2 or 3 ads in rotation at all times to avoid users seeing the exact same ad creative and copy every time.
  • Swap out your ad copy weekly or at least every 2 weeks.
  • Use bright and eye-catching images, and keep them fresh.
  • Consider utilizing a campaign management solution in order to automate this rotation.

Find the Sweet Spot

There is no perfect equation for reaching the perfect frequency for your business needs; however, this can be achieved by testing the impact of audience size and budget combinations over time. This is an ongoing test that will likely deliver different results depending on industry, product type, target audience, and environmental factors. Celebrate your success, but don’t stop there! There are always improvements that can be made to your campaign.

Have you experienced ad fatigue or blindness? How did you overcome it??