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Google+ Winning Out On Mobile

G+-MobileThere’s been a lot of speculation whether Google+ is going to be able to compete with Facebook, or will just whither away over time as Friend Feed, Orkut and MySpace have. But Google+ may already be winning a crucial part of this war… the battle for mobile users. According to Onavo (see infographic below), people with Android phones are seven times more likely to use Google+ than Facebook. Seven times! While people using iOS are only 50% more likely to use Facebook. If that trend maintains, Google+ will not only catch Facebook but surpass it as the number of Android devices sold each month is now easily outpacing iPhone sales.

Of course that’s still a big “if” and the validity of this study is not known. However, it is not difficult to believe that this may indeed be the trend as Google+ is so well integrated into Android. Integrating Google+ into all of Google’s properties (Android, search, Blogger, Reader, etc.) may provide the advantage that Google needs in order to overcome the network effects in Facebook’s advantage.