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Facebook Retargeting: Custom Audiences vs Facebook Exchange (FBX)

FBretargetGoogle Analytics don’t lie, and that’s why we know that there are so many readers of this blog waiting for the latest and greatest from the world of SEM.  Well, wait no further dear reader!  Facebook has recently announced a new targeting option called “Custom Audiences“.  This feature will allow marketers to reach people that have visited their website (like retargeting) from any device. Now, don’t get too excited, this new feature has not been fully rolled out as it will be going through a test period before it becomes globally available.

Currently, third-party providers (such as Adroll, Criteo, and Triggit) use Facebook Exchange (FBX) to target their ads.  One benefit of FBX, despite it’s limited targeting options, are the performance gains it can achieve due to real time bidding capabilities. However, Facebook’s privacy policy means that FBX can only display ads on desktop, and target users based on geographic location.

Fortunately, Facebook’s new “custom audiences” will work with all Facebook ad formats and targeting capabilities including geographic targeting, demographic targeting (such as age, gender, occupation, etc), and is available on both desktop and mobile.

Custom Audiences Vs Facebook Exchange (FBX)


Now What?

The advanced Facebook Exchange advertising will likely continue to be the go-to solution due to the complex bidding function, however, “Custom Audiences” offers a simplified version of retargeting with more specific targeting options than FBX.

Stay tuned to learn more about this new feature. Like any new offering, there will be a period of testing before we can all try it out, however, we will continue to research the pros and cons.

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