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Why Profit Jackpot Is A Worthless Scam

There are a lot of schemes promising to help you make money online. Many are scams – but some are more convincing than others. Anik Singal’s “Profit Jackpot” seems pretty convincing at face value. Anik is a slick salesman. He not only cuts down the false promises of similar services (no “one click riches” here!) but also offers to prove the system to you right in front of your eyes.

According to Anik, here’s what you don’t need:

My scam sense is tingling! Can you make money with Profit Jackpot? The answer is actually yes. But will you? That’s what I’m here to answer. Here’s my Profit Jackpot review: a systematic breakdown of why this “software” isn’t worth your hard earned money, even at $47.


What Is Profit Jackpot?

In a nutshell, it’s a set of WordPress plugins. You supply keywords, then the “software” scours the web for content (including videos and comments!) related to the keywords provided and posts it on your site. Finally, a “spinner” will modify the posts so they look “unique” to search engines. This is how your website “grows” on its own. Then, you put up ads on your website in an attempt to monetize it.

Simple, right? Let’s look at some of the serious problems with this.

Problem #1: The Hidden Costs

There are costs associated with owning a website: hosting fees and domain names. To be fair, these are mentioned in the fine print, but the way Anik gleefully asserts “no hidden costs” in his video sings to a different tune.

Let’s assume that you become a part of “Project 25” and launch 25 websites with Profit Jackpot.  Let’s also assume that you acquire a domain name for the ridiculously low cost of $2.00. At this cost, the domain name would probably be on an alternative extension like “.info” or “.cc”. These types of domains tend to be less trusted by search engines and less used by the average person.

By any stretch, 25 domain names x $2.00 = $50.00. Double your investment.

You’ll also have to cough up a little bit for hosting – you may be able to find yourself a reasonable deal to host all 25 sites, but it’s far from free.

And this is only using the preposterous numbers in the fine print. Even less sought-after domain names can cost $15 or more! Then there’s the hidden add-ons… the initial software only supports 25 sites. Want to expand? Get ready to cough up the cash. If you want the content spinner (which is crucial to Anik’s plan), then you’re going to pay another $200. Up, up and away goes the price.

Sorry Profit Jackpot…

Problem #2: Anik Stinks at SEO

Content is King

Anik makes an extremely bold claim in his video by saying that you do
not need unique content for search engine optimization (SEO). But that’s not what Google says. In fact
Google recently rolled out an update that penalized websites with
shallow or duplicate content or sites that steal and aggregate
content without anything unique to offer on their own.

Sound familiar?

Some seriously shaky advice!!




Even with Profit Jackpot’s article spinning software, search engines are going to know what’s up; any time you have a machine do your article editing you are going to get a product rife with grammatical errors and illogical statements

Bonus: While watching him set up his sites you can clearly watch as his “SEO” website pulls in content for a Philadelphia furniture company! Thousands of dollars and months of research? You tell me.

Links Are Queen

Very few people are going to be willing to link to a paper-thin affiliate website. As discussed in previous blogs links are crucial for organic rankings. Without them, you’re not going to rank. Without ranking, you’re not going to get traffic from search engines.

Virtual Real Estate Can Be Worthless

Another problem with Anik’s SEO is that he alludes to the concept of “Virtual Real Estate”, even laughably calling it “Better than brick and mortar real estate”.

Like a house – but on the INTERNET!

But while a domain name like or is likely worth millions, the average domain name isn’t worth that much at all – especially if it’s not a .com. I already mentioned that at the price of $2.00/domain, you won’t be scooping any hot domains up. A major principle of brick and mortar business applies here: “Location, location, location”.

Problem #3: No Traffic = No Revenue

None of this would matter if it wasn’t for the fact that there’s only three ways for people to find your website:

1. Direct traffic

2. Search engine traffic

3. Referring traffic (traffic from links on other sites)

But few people are going to come directly to your domain unless it’s very intuitive, something that “.info” and “.tv” domains aren’t. As mentioned, not many people are going to link to ad-infested affiliate sites. You won’t be receiving much, if any referring traffic.

So that leaves SEO. Surely all of this great content you’re automatically adding will bring in some traffic? The truth is, for a time you might get some traffic from long, highly specific searches that few people are targeting. Usually, however, this will be small, incidental traffic – not a tidal wave of visitors.

But wait – won’t owning “” help you rank #1 in Google for “healthy eating diets”? Maybe, in the short term. But Google themselves have talked about dialing down the value of exact-match domains and without links, your site will drop like a stone.

Here’s the kicker: without traffic, you won’t be making money because nobody will be clicking on the ads you’re going to be smothering your website in trying to make a buck. Unlike field of dreams, this isn’t a case of “If you build it, they will come”.

Let Me Prove It!

Let’s look at one of the sites Anik has set up in his video, “” .

Aside from the fact that when I returned to review it today the site itself was down, here’s a few problems with the site:

1. doesn’t even rank organically for “Belly Fat Revealed”. Ouch! In fact, he’s not even on the first 5 pages. So much for virtual real estate.

2. No link profile to speak of. Nobody’s linking to this website. It has no domain strength and no authority. It does not and will not rank well.

3.This website isn’t even indexed. Go to Google and type in site: . You will see no results in Google’s index. Whoopsies!


If something looks too good to be true, it is. There are serious SEO issues with Profit Jackpot and at the end of the day while you might wind up making some money launching your 25 websites, you probably won’t even make back the $1,500 investment you put in to make it happen – and that’s just bad business.

So when it comes to the claims of Profit Jackpot, I’m sorry to say – but making money online without paid advertising, SEO, traffic, tech savvy or unique content?