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Why (Not Provided) Will Make Your Marketing AWESOME


The latest change from Google is a big one.  By mid November, you won’t be able to see what search terms brought people to your website.  And, while losing this beloved organic data to (not provided) has jolted the hearts of many SEO specialists, as a marketing enthusiast I can’t help but see the silver lining. Although we cannot discover exactly what keyword someone used to find our website organically, we can instead think about why that person wanted to come to our site and what made them want to buy something from us. This will force marketers to be more awesome at creating content, posting things consumers find interesting, and creating a web experience customers enjoy. Here are some of the ways I think (not provided) will make your marketing AWESOME:

1. A good online SEO strategy isn’t Good Enough. You need to be awesome!

Gone are the days of tricking people into thinking you are the most awesome online by buying links, content stuffing, and other “black hat” type SEO tricks. Now you actually have to be awesome to look awesome on the search engine. People know the difference between a well written blog post and a crappy one. They understand when you are updating site information on a regularly basis, and they love pictures that aren’t a year old. So stop relying on old school SEO to bring in mediocre traffic, and rely on being awesome to drive site visitors.

2. You will have an awesome service or product!

Instead of worrying about the thousands on potential searches people had to make to find your product, you will instead focus on making an awesome product or service. This will help your online visibility in a few ways:

  • People will leave you awesome reviews in Google+, Yelp, and other review networks.
  • Having an awesome product helps you stay top of mind when people are looking for what you deliver, therefore improving you brand awareness. You can easily track how  your brand online by looking at Google Trends to determine when and if your brand if doing awesome.
  • People love  linking to awesome stuff, so if your product is great you are more likely to get high quality, legitimate links.

3. Focus on having an awesome site!

Worry more about CTR, bounce rate, page interaction, and measuring conversions than how many organic listings you have or all the new phrases you showed up for this month. Conversion optimization is becoming more and more important as the internet evolves. Consumers are less inclined to play along if your website creates unwanted barriers to complete certain actions. Done right, conversion optimization is highly scientific. Our specialists can test limitless tweaks and changes to your site and determine how to make it the best for conversions. Bottom line – focus on converting more leads, reducing barriers to sales, test your messaging, and even test your price point to have the most awesome online presence.

(Not provided) has forced us to flex our marketing muscles to be more awesome for consumers both on and offline. It is time to really put thought and effort into the content you are creating, the product  or service you are selling, and what kind of experience people have when they interact with you online. To help you on your journey to awesome, here is a little pep talk from Kid President. Be awesome!